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DATA PROTECTION (From 25th May 2018):

With every visit to a website, data are collected and processed. The following explanation details how, and to what extent, data is collected and processed by

Transfer to a third party:

No data that arises from your visit to is transferred to a third party.

Technical Data:

Upon visiting this website the following data is transferred by your browser:

Domain name of the server
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These data are not combined with any other data source and thus no information regarding your identity can be inferred. This is simply the technically relevant data that the server requires in order to send the correct site content that you requested by typing the address (URL) in the browser or through the use of a link.


Cookies are small text files that your browser can save on your computer. They are used by the server to store information. You have the possibility to restrict the use of cookies via the settings of your browser. does not require the use of cookies and only uses them for statistical purposes (WP-Slimstat: See below).

Statistical data collection with WP-Slimstat:

In order to the quality and usefulness of this website, data is collect and used for the purpose of statistical analysis. The collected data is not given to any third party and is stored and used solely by the web-server. The data is not combined with data from any other source. Your IP Address is not stored but rather is anonymised immediately. A correlation between the statistical data and a particular user is therefore not possible.

The following data is collected and used for statistical analysis:

Domain name of the server
Page Address that was called (URL)
The name and version of your browser
Date and time of your visit
The operating system of your computer, phone or table.
The language used
The country from which your computer, phone or tablet accesses the site
The screen resolution of your computer, phone or table
The name of the website (if any) through which you were linked to this site
The links that you follow
The length of your visit

The collection and evaluation of this data is done solely by WP-Slimstat. The above anonymised data is deleted from the server automatically after 120 days.


Various articles and websites from third parties can be reached by following the links on External links are selected and reviewed when the page is published. However, I am not responsible for the content of these external websites.

This is because:
I did not produce them or maintain/update them
I cannot change them
they can be changed without my knowledge or agreement.

Some of the external links may be to websites which also offer commercial services, such as online purchases.


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