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Galleries And Exhibitions


Amsterdam Whitney

International Fine Art, Inc.
531 West 25th Street-Ground Floor-Chelsea
New York, NY 10001
Link: Amsterdam Whitney

Galerie Paul Sties,

Berliner Platz 3-5,
61476 Kronberg
Tel: +49 (0) 6173 2336
Link: Gallerie Paul Sties

Kunsthandlung Im Welker Haus GmbH,

Hauptstrasse 106,
69117 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 (0) 6221 166044
Link: Kunsthandlung Welker


Agora Gallery New York

Agora Gallery
530 West 25th Street,
New York
NY 10001,
Tel: (+1) 212-226-4151
Link: Agora Gallery


Contemporary Art Gallery Florence
Via il Prato 11R Florence 50123
Link: Galleria360

Rossocinabro | Arte Contemporanea Roma

Rossocinabro | Arte Contemporanea Roma
Via Raffaela Cadorna, 28
00187 Rome,
Tel: +39 06 60658125
Link: Rossocinabro


May 2001: Art Galerie MTZ, Sulzbach
September 2001: Kunst und Rahmen Atelier, Wiesbaden
February 2002: Sportpressball - Olympiastand Stadt Frankfurt
February 2004: St'Art, Foire d'Art Contemporain, Strasbourg
May 2004: FIS 10th International Fine Art Exhibition
February 2005: St'Art, Foire d'Art Contemporain, Strasbourg
May 2005: FIS 11th International Fine Art Exhibition
March 2007: FIS 13th Internatinal Fine Art Exhibition
May 2007: Komen Deutschland eV
September 2009: Galerie Sties, Kronberg
May 2010: Bilder Hofmann Galerie Kunsthandlung, Oberursel
April 2011: Galerie Sties, Kronberg
September 2012: Galerie Sties, Kronberg
September 2014: Sigma, Photokina, Köln
November 2015: Agora Gallery, New York, "Illumination"
January 2016: Galleria 360, Florence, "New Art"
April 2016: Biennale Riviera Del Brenta, Venice
May 2016: Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo
May 2016: ATIM's Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art, France
November 2016: Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy
December 2016: Spectrum Miami, USA
February 2017: Art In Florence, Galleria360, Italy
March 2017: International Biennale of Mediterranean Art, Palermo
March 2017: Metropolitan Gallery Of Art, Las Vegas, USA
July 2017: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA
October 2017: Unique Realities, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain
October 2017: Pirmasener Fototage, Germany
November 2017: Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy
March 2018: Norddeutsche Naturfototage: Lecture (with Ines Mondon)
June 2018: #PHOTO #CITIES, Spazio Tadini Museum, Milan, Italy
November 2018: Exp. de Arte Internacional, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain